Welcome to the Internet Bibleschool

On our site you are able to study different subjects which deal with the Christian life. The subjects that we offer, correspond to what many students study on faith bibleschools in Europe and USA.
In the end of every subject there is an exam. If you have sent in the answers to all the 18 different subjects and have at least 80 % correct answers, you will receive a diploma from us.
Then you are also welcome to part two which we then will give you access to.

Part 1:

01: Righteousness
02: Gods character
03: The blood covenant
04: Spirit, soul and body
05: Faith
06: Prayer
07: Healing
08: The inspiration and authority of the Bible
09: The person of the Holy Spirit
10: The gifts of the Spirit
11: How you can be lead by the Holy Spirit
12: Angels and demons
13: Spiritual warfare
14: Spiritual authority
15: Biblical prosperity
16:The church
17: Praise and Worship
18: Freedom from fear

Part two is under construction. The following subjects are planned. As soon as they are ready they will be on the web and available for those who have completed part one.
- The life in a housechurch
- The Church part two
- Ministry gifts
- Ministry of helps
- Deliverance from evil spirits
- The Christian family
- Churchhistory
- Cults and other religions
- Counselling
- Leadership for future housechurch leaders